Hello World!

Hello World!
The White Thistle
My First Post

Hey Guys!!

Well, here it is……!! Cheers to that!


Can you believe I’ve actually figured this out?!? This site was originally designed by a web developer to be an online home décor shop. (More about that in another post I think.)

I have had to pare it right back. Starting with the bare minimum to create my own little corner of the web.

I feel slightly unsure about what I will be posting here but for now, I will start with sharing a little bit about me and why I have decided to just ‘go for it’ here.

I’ve never been particularly ‘tech-savvy’, I used Facebook more as a place to stalk those who choose to share every single detail of their lives on there, while maybe posting the odd birthday message or holiday pic myself. That was the extent of my social media presence (oh, that’s a little bit of a lie, I did give Instagram a brief goes before to share the cakes I used to make… if you want to have a nose or just a giggle at some pretty amateur cakes check out @lovegraceandcakes)

When I was on maternity leave I decided to try and start an online business, with no real clue as to what I was doing – the only plan I had was to start an Instagram account and use it as my primary marketing tool. The plan was to buy stock and photograph it in my house and sell it via Instagram’s ‘shoppable’ tool.

The business idea didn’t really last that long as I soon realised its super hard work, all the photographing, editing, stock control, shipping, especially with a little one in tow, it makes it really difficult to get anything done.

So, I scaled the shop back, but during that time I found I had a passion for creating content, I loved styling my home and taking images and making them look beautiful.

Whilst that is how and why this page exists that doesn’t really tell you anything about me;

I live in Essex with my lovely husband Ian, we have been married for 5 years come September and together for 12 years (eek) I was 18 when we met.  We have a little boy, Henry who at the time of writing this is 19 months (I always used to get so frustrated before Henry with mums who would say ‘oh she is X months old’, why not just say two… I get it now), we could never imagine the love and joy he brings us on a daily basis.

When we had Henry, I was so unsure about what to do in terms of my career, I’d spent the last 5 years building a career London in HR and climbing the ladder, but when push came to shove I just couldn’t face leaving Henry. The journey into the city would have been two hours both ways and my salary wasn’t lucrative enough to make it worth both Ian and I being that far away from Henry. Basically, after train fairs and nursery fees, I would have been bringing home pennies!!

However, I always wanted to do something more than ‘just be Mummy’ and I wanted to contribute to our family financially in some way. As I said, I initially started my shop and because of that I started going to female only networking events called Mama Got This, I fell in love with them because they were more like a support group for women in business, rather than the awkward 60-second pitch.

But, in the nicest way possible, no one really cared about my décor shop, but they were super interested (as any small business would be) in the results I had, had on Instagram. Not that I claim to be an expert by any means but I started giving advice and when those businesses started seeing results I found I had a little niche, I have built a small consultancy business off the back of that, which helps women in business and pays the bills. I also decided to join forces with the wonderful and now very good friend Fran as co-owner of the incredible support system that is Mama Got This.

This page is meant to be more than just the interiors account that I am known for on Instagram, I’m really passionate about travel, we have been on 7 holidays since Henry was born because we truly believe a baby shouldn’t stop you seeing the world.

I love good food, good wine, and of course interiors and so you will see snippets of all of the things I love along with parts my parenting journey and along with any tips and advice on things I think could help others.

I hope you enjoy it!!


Abi xxx

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