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The Fish Hotel in the Cotswolds

We visited The Fish Hotel in the Cotswolds to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, which was September 2019 but due to pregnancy/newborn and then lockdown due to COVID19 we had to defer the booking until mid July.

Ian booked us an evening away at The Fish Hotel in one of their 3 stunning Treehouses. The idea was that the fifth year of marriage the gift that represents it is Wood, so his gift was a little different. From start to finish the whole experience was so wonderful. The staff were kind and went over and above to help us and make us feel safe in honestly a rather unusual time (3 days post lockdown due to COVID19).

The Grounds

Once you pull off of the main road you drive down this beautiful winding road with views for miles. It is so peaceful and calming. At that moment you feel like you breathe a sigh and switch into relaxation holiday mode.

Pulling up to the reception you are greeted by the beautiful chocolate box type house you would expect in the Cotswolds. We checked in and headed off to find our treehouse.

The Treehouse

The Fish Hotel has 3 beautiful Treehouse’s nestled in a secluded part of the grounds, yet still within relatively close walking distance to the rest of the amenities like the restaurant, reception and playground.

Each one is a private little pod consisting of beautiful scandi rustic decor. I mean if you follow my Instagram account @TheWhiteThistle you will know this is literally my perfect style.

The decor inside is an interior bloggers dream. From the open plan living area to the separate children’s room with gorgeous built-in bunk beds to the small details like the Bush radio, Nespresso coffee machine. The ski chalet vibe wood-panelled walls with herringbone accent walls! It was truly stunning the only other time I have ever been truly blown away by the decor and consideration that had gone into styling was at Casa Cook where we went for our Babymoon.

The whole layout in The Fish Hotel has a muted scandi vibe with rustic materials which made you feel like you were in the ultimate cozy luxury.

But probably the best bit and the most iconic ‘instagrammable’ spot is the two side by side outdoor tubs! During the day they were the perfect mini swimming pool for Henry, he loved being able to splash around in there. And once we had put the kids to bed we were able to just sink in and relax with a glass of wine whilst watching the sunset behind the trees.

The Food

As soon as we arrived at The Fish Hotel we decided to head over to the Bar and Restuarant area to grab some food.

We had a reservation for the Hook restaurant for the evening which is their fancier eating area (which we actually ended up cancelling) so we decided to sit in the bar and enjoy their famous sliders! OMG, they were so yummy.

As anyone with kids will know keeping a toddler sat at a table longer than 30 min is a challenge so we decided to eat in our room instead of the Hook once the kids had gone to bed. Just because of the time, we didn’t want Henry running around and getting too close to other guests.

We were able to have an amazing meal on our balcony instead, it was really romantic. We felt safe knowing the kids were sleeping and we were close by. We bought our own bottle of red wine with us which we purchased on our honeymoon in the South of France so we had been saving it for 5 years (but the actual age of the wine was from 2007 which was the year we started dating).

For Kids

The Fish Hotel’s entire estate is very kid-friendly, from the bunk beds in the rooms to the well thought out children’s menus to the gorgeous and sustainable playground on site. Henry loved staying in ‘his’ treehouse bunk bed and we had a cot put in the room for Emilia.


We stayed just days after we were released from lockdown and so were initially rather wary. We honestly even considered cancelling but as it wasnt a traditional hotel we figured we could isolate ourselves fairly well.

The hotel was so well equiped. We honestly didnt worry at all once we arrived. The guests were also very cautious all keeping a safe distance when we did have to cross paths.

They had signs in every public space explaining the changes that had been made. As well as lots of ‘FREE ALCOHOL’ hand sanatizer stations. (I love a bit of clever marketing!!).

And rather than handing you your room key at the reception, it comes in a cellophane bag which is waiting for you in your room along with your own bottle of hand sanitizer.


Once we checked out we decided to head into town for a quick bite to eat before heading home. The gorgeous town of Broadway which was about 5 minutes down the road. IT was so quaint there were so many beautiful restaurants we could have chosen, and we definitely would have loved to explore a few more of the surrounding villages.

But with a hungry toddler and a squirming baby, it wasn’t really an option so we decided to opt for fish and chips. I highly recommend Russells which is tucked just off the main road next.

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