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Hi, I’m Abi, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m all about sparking inspiration and motivating those who dream of a beautiful home and want to craft their living space their way. I want to show you how easy it is to upcycle that tatty hand-me-down cabinet, to becoming your own DIY hero.

From one dreamer to the next

If you’re anything like me you swoon over glossy interior design magazines, have multiple pinboards dedicated to your dream home, and come out buzzing with ideas when visiting interior living boutiques, but can feel a little deflated when you suddenly realise you haven’t got the first idea of what/how to achieve that look or the budget! The truth is with a little know-how most of what’s on display for £0000’s can be easily achieved for a fraction of the price. All you need is time, a small budget, and a little inspiration – And I’m here to show you how!

A shift in mindset

So many people shy away from a DIY as a hobby out of fear of not being able to use power tools, fudging a treasured piece of furniture, or stress of finding the right colour paint. Trust me I’ve been there. But the desire I had to have control over my living space for my children, my husband, and me, was stronger than my dread of fudging it up. 

No skill required 

If you’ve got a streak of creativity, the motivation to give it a go, and some tatty old clothes you’re already over halfway there. I’m here to show you that you don’t need heavy power tools, construction skills, or a burly builder, to create a living space you love!

A spark of inspiration

I believe that with a little can-do attitude, a dash of planning, and a spark of inspiration you can achieve pretty much anything. I started my DIY and upcycling journey on Instagram to document my progress and to show others that there’s a world of fun to be had with imagination and some old furniture. The trick is to focus on the next step, not the whole staircase, so to speak!

“The White Thistle website is designed to be a deeper dive into the topics close to my heart posted on my Instagram”

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Hi, I'm Abi

I’m Abi, and this is my little corner of the web, a place I can journal my life, love, and creativity for those looking to find inspiration and motivation to create a home and life they love!

5 years ago, I started my Instagram and blog The White Thistle, a place I could express my passion for lifestyle, DIY and transforming my house into a well-loved home for my children to grow up in, and me and my husband to grow together in. Since then I have worked with some of the most amazing and influential brands and people in the lifestyle world.

I hope you like it here and that you find inspiration and motivation to express you’re own creativity!

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