INFLUENCER INSIGHTS: What is an Influencer & Tips to become one

INFLUENCER INSIGHTS: What is an Influencer & Tips to become one
The White Thistle


What is an Influencer and tips for becoming one. 

Sooooo what is an influencer. 

Sometimes I think it’s been so twisted and made to sound really contrived and because of that it now just sounds a little wanky to say ‘oh i’m an influencer’ but that is just because people don’t really understand it or see it as a real business.

But I am here to tell you it is and it can be hard work but also so much fun!

However, let’s just be clear about one thing, anyone can have influence if you have one follower or one friend even… you can have influence.

My friend was wearing magnetic eyelashes and they looked amazing, so I went out and bought them, another friend told me she stuck her glue on lashes under her lashes rather that over the top soooo I went out and bought some fake eyelashes and proceeded to glue them under my lashes. My mum started using this serum to make her lashes grow it was like £120 but her lashes looked insane so of course I bought it! If you hadn’t noticed, the thing I get influenced by a lot is having gorgeous eyelashes because my short stubby ones just don’t cut it. 

But neither my friend or my mum have an audience… They just spoke to me and told me about their experience and I was influenced by their experience to buy a product. 


Now what makes a digital influencer such a powerful asset to a brand is that they do that exact process but on mass.

An influencer is someone who has the ability to grow an audience because they are an expert or are inspiring in a specific niche. 

That might be fashion, makeup, fitness all super broad but could be narrowed down to fitness for women who have babies for example.

In my niche interiors – there are loads of sub niches based on people’s tastes, scandi, boho, eclectic, modern I could go on. 

But what makes Influencer marketing so much more successful than any other form of  advertising at the moment is because humans are more likely to engage with content if it’s coming from someone that we have actively chosen to connect with.

  • It gives a brand the ability to tap into a pre-established audience of their ideal client, you the influencer has already done the work to build that audience – so the brand offers the influencer a product and lets them market it in their personal style which is far more likely to convert
  • Influencers tend to build amazing communities – I mean it is called Social Networking for a reason. But just think about Mrs Hinch shes created an entire movement around ‘hinching’ 
  • Influencers create inferred trust – if an influencer speaks about a brand and gives that brand access to their audience,the audience will trust said brand far quicker because they trust the influencer which speeds up the like, know and trust factor for a brand. 

( that is a person has to like the brand, feel like they ‘know’ them and trust them before they will buy from them)

Getting paid to post however is not just for your typical ‘influencers’

So coming back to the question: What is an Influencer…


Simply put, an Influencer is someone with the power to compel their audience to take action and as a snap shot this looks like 

  • Over 1,000 followers (this is a guideline only but shows you have the ability to build and audience) I have worked with clients who have had paid brand collaborations without 1000 but its a good goal post
  • Have a consistent track record of creating content regularly – if you can just show up consistently sharing quality content you will grow. There were accounts that had far more followers than me when I first started but unfortunately they couldn’t commit to sharing regularly and eventually I grew past them
  • Small businesses start approaching you for collaborations, for me that looked like print companies and candle companies (a good sign)
  • Your content is winning recognition/ people are sharing it
  • Engagement – the average engagement rate is between 2-5%

Let’s talk about Niching 

Having a very specific niche is the easiest way to get collaborations as an influencer, we really can’t escape this one – what do you want to be known for when people say your name, what word do you want to spring to mind. 

For me I know people think DIY and Interiors because that is my niche.

I know some people will feel pigeon holed by this idea but it really is the fasted way to grow. People liek to follow accounts for a specific reason, whilst lifestyle accounts do exist and can grow their growth will be slower but also youll find the creator started in a specific niche and then pivoted once they got big enough that they were comfortable with their audience

Aesthetic – Make sure you have a clear aesthetic, brands will look at the content you create and make an assessment about the type of content you can create from them – does your content match theirs. Is your photography/videography as good as it could be. There is always more to learn and I am always on the lookout for the latest trends.


They have built a personal brand around something the are passionate about: 

  • Build a brand personality – what are the things you are willing to share and what are you not: literally write yourself a list:

Heres some of the things on my list: I will talk about my family but I wont share intimate details as they never asked to be exposed to this audience. 

I will share about some of the hardships in my life when I feel I am mentally prepared for it.

I won’t share about my make up or fashion as they are not things I am particularly focused on so it is not relevant to my audience or brand. 

I will share content on my business as I think it’s important to be transparent about how I make money both on and off  instagram as I want to inspire others to think differently about their lives

  • Create relevant content once you have you list you can then create content based around that and it becomes very easy to identify brand deals that align and that dont. I have honestly politely said no to more brands than I say yes to as I don’t think it will align well with my personal brand. 
  • Build your social media presence – this and the next one go hand in hand which is
  • Learn to network – instagram and any other social media is called social for a reason. Start to network both with your peers and with brands you want to work with in the future.
  • Sell yourself

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

SO many of my instagram followers have asked me the same question: ‘I am SO shy. How do I get comfortable with being in front of the camera’? I have ONE answer for you….just do it, and do it often. 

The first time I recorded a story on Instagram of me just talking to the camera, I was so awkward and embarrassed. 

But, the more I did it, the more comfortable I got. Challenge yourself to talk in front of the camera, put a filter on if it makes you feel better and share it in your instagram stories, try just a minute a day – thats four 15 second stories for a week and see how you feel after that. If it didnt feel too bad keep going for a second week and one day before you know it you’ll find it a lot easier 

If you’re nervous to get going… listen carefully: every single blogger and influencer is a completely normal, every day person. They are not special, they are literally no different to you and I 

They are simply people who went after their passion to share their messages with the world, and worked their butt off to create a community of people to connect their messaging with. You have the ability to do this, too! You don’t have to be some super rich, powerful or exceptional person to create a successful brand. BUT…creating a successful brand takes work and determination. Two things that you must have: both passion and inner motivation.

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  1. Lian 2 weeks ago

    Loved it! Clear & concise. Really enjoyed listening

    • Author
      The White Thistle 2 weeks ago

      Thank you so much I really appreciate you taking the time to listen 🙂

  2. Jules tomlinson 2 weeks ago

    So very interesting.Thankyou..enjoying it

  3. Jules tomlinson 2 weeks ago

    So very interesting.

  4. Hayley 2 weeks ago

    Hi Abi,
    just listened to your first podcast and I loved it.
    It’s made me re-evaluate my own page and what I want from it/where I want to take it. Plus actually think about what my niche is.
    I post stories daily but never ever show my face, I hate the sound of my own voice and after hearing your challenge I’m thinking of maybe just ripping it off like a plaster and doing it (currently filled with dread).
    Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the time & effort you put into this to offer it to your followers for free to help us grow xx

    • Author
      The White Thistle 2 weeks ago

      Ahh thank you so much! I am so grateful you took the time to say that 🙂 x


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