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BEST VIDEO BABY MONITOR EVER!! | Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor Review & Angelcare Baby Monitor Comparison

Baby lying in a crib

(Written in Paid Partnership with CUBO Ai)

I wanted to take a second to talk about our brand new baby monitor and do a Cubo Ai review!

When choosing a baby monitor for newborns, as a first-time parent you are initially drawn in by all the features without really understanding what it is you actually want or need. 

When I found out we were having another buba I was able to research a little better knowing exactly what features were useful and worked for us last time and what additional features we needed such as better visibility of buba in the cot and a more portable monitor which our old Angelcare baby monitor lacked. 

When I discovered the Cubo Ai video baby monitor I knew we had hit the jackpot. Its design is flawless, elegant and beautiful and the functionality is practical down to a T. 

Emilia is now 5 weeks old and we’ve been using Cubo Ai for about a month (we didn’t use it for the first week as I was constantly with her. Now she’s a little older we can pop her down for her naps in her room and she will happily snooze away. We can keep an eye on her through the best baby monitor app ever!! 

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Setting up my Cubo AI

Unboxing the baby monitor felt like unwrapping a present to myself, it is so pretty and well thought out.

Image of CUBO AI box | Cubo Ai Review

Once I had all the pieces together initially it felt like there was something missing because there is technically only the monitor and its stand. That is because the receiving end of the monitor is actually an app through your phone.

The app is easily found via the app store (I have an iPhone but it is compatible with android too) or via a QR code on the instruction box so even a technophobe like me was able to figure it out.

baby in crib | Cubo Ai Review

Baby in crib | Cubo Ai Review



I knew from when Henry was little and sleeping in our room that having a free-standing monitor was tough as the angle didn’t quite capture him properly. In fact, I had to stack his monitor on a million books and tilt it right down and hold it in place with a prop just to be able to see his face clearly. 

This time I was able to use the Cubo Ai stand and have the monitor looking directly down at her. It’s super stable and sturdy so I don’t worry about anything moving or falling, but I am able to get a clear view of her entire crib. It’s one of the main reasons why I think Cubo Ai is such a great video baby monitor for newborns. It removes a lot of anxiety as a newborn parent. 

Image of mum cuddling baby | Cubo Ai Review

My Favourite Cubo AI Features 

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor App

The app must be the best baby monitor app out there… There isn’t anything that it doesn’t have! 

When you open the app the first thing you see is a live feed of your little one – it tells you the temp and humidity of the room. One thing that has always panicked me when Henry was born was how many layers he should be wearing and how hot our room was. It constantly kept me up at night. Eventually, I bought a thermometer, but I love that this has it built-in. It even sends you an alert if it’s too hot or cold in the room or the humidity is a little off.

Image of Cubo Ai app homescreen | Cubo Ai Review

Then when you scroll down a little you can see images the video baby monitor has captured over the past 24 hours. Because of its smart technology, it auto-captures cute moments for you to look back on and download. 

And it’s not just photos, it takes mini-videos too. My favourite thing to do when I’m snuggling Emilia and giving her, her first feed of the day is to look back over the footage from the day before and save any of the images or videos I love. 

Why It’s The Best Baby Monitor App: Useful & Customisable Notifications! 

Whenever this little smart baby monitor hears Emilia crying it will send a notification to my phone which sounds like a little birds cheeping (it’s very cute) and because it is so different to any other app notification sounds it’s instantly recognisable.

It will also notify me when it thinks Emilia has rolled over or has her face covered. This notification still sounds like a bird, but it is a much more urgent sound, so you know it’s something you need to investigate instantly. Whereas with the cries, once you get to know your baby a bit better you will know that some of the murmurs and moans are just what bubs needs to settle. Babies can be super noisy and grunty when they are trying to get to sleep. You can actually change the sensitivity of what the monitor picks up in terms of babies cries which helps if you have a super noisy sleeper as we do. I currently have it set to medium sensitivity as Emilia likes to snuffle and gurgle as she settles herself to sleep.

Why It’s The Best Baby Monitor App: “Detected in Crib” Alerts

One of my favourite functions of the app notifications so far is that it tells me when Emilia is ‘detected in the crib’ and ‘not detected’ which is perfect for the night feeds. 

I’m fairly certain every new mum wakes up in the morning trying to remember how many times their baby woke and how long they were up for. It’s a great way to keep your husband in the loop and wary of how exhausted (and possibly grumpy) you are going to be that day.

The thing is, in the night when you are wide awake you are convinced there is no way you will forget how long you were up for but with so little sleep you quickly forget as soon as morning arrives!

Image of Cubo Ai Notification Screen | Cubo Ai Review

I’ve been able to use the app to track her sleep and I’ve started to notice a pattern emerging so I know roughly when she will wake which makes it easier to plan when I can get a long stretch of sleep to catch up on the missed hours later in the night. 

With Henry, I tried to use a pen and paper but trying to scribble in pitch black rarely ended well. The app has been so useful in figuring out Emilia’s natural sleep cycle and allowed me to successfully build a routine off the back of it. 

At four weeks old she slept soundly from 7 pm-12.15 am (perfect for me to catch up on some much needed zzz’s or for Ian and I to sit and have a nice evening together which trust me when a baby comes can seem like the last thing you want to do but it is so important to spend time together as a couple.) 

And then after a quick 15 min feed and a burp she’s back down at 12.30 till 4.30 am again a quick feed and it’s back to sleep till about 7 am. 

I have been very consistent with sleep cues from day one which I swear has helped us get her into this routine far quicker than Henry did, but I have been able to apply all the learning from the first time around. If you want to read more about our routine, you can check it out here (link to routine blog post)

Cubo Ai is actually about to launch sleep analytics soon which I am really excited about as it will be amazing to actually see the progress of Emilia’s sleep patterns.

Baby Monitor Comparisons: Cubo Ai vs. Angelcare

When we had Henry, we bought the Angelcare baby monitor as having video was one of the most important features for us. Plus, it had a base that went underneath the mattress which was meant to detect if he stopped moving. The thing is the alarm went off if he just moved slightly off the base. It made my heart stop and caused me more anxiety than it was worth, so we actually stopped using that after a short while.

Cubo Ai baby monitor allows me to get a notification if Emilia rolls over or has her face covered which allows me to intervene before anything bad happens which has been amazing in calming my nerves this time around.

The battery life on the Angelcare baby monitor was also shocking. I had to have it plugged in the entire time, which meant plugging and unplugging multiple times a day whenever I put him down for a nap so that I could take the video monitor downstairs and then it had to be plugged back in instantly as it would only last about 5 min on its own battery life. 

With the Cubo Ai baby monitor, obviously I constantly have my phone on me and charged as its always on charge overnight, so I haven’t ever had to worry about remembering to grab the monitor or it running out of battery! 

I’m even able to see Emilia when I am outside or in the garden. One of my first trips out of the house was to McDonald’s drive-through once I had put her to bed and I was so anxious even though I had only been gone 5 min and obviously Ian was at home. So, I opened the app honestly not even thinking it would work but just to check in case I could see. 

Image of baby in crib | Cubo Ai Review

And low and behold even from 3 miles away I was able to watch her snoring away! It made my heart melt! 

In Conclusion:

This is without a doubt the best video baby monitor for newborns out there! Even though Henry is 2.5 years and we don’t check on him as much we have bought a second monitor for him. We feel so safe using it and wanted to have the ease of being able to look at him on the Cubo Ai app. It’s been amazing and the peace of mind it has bought to us monitoring Emilia means it was a no brainer for us! The app easily syncs a second monitor (or more!) so we can keep an eye on both of them at the same time.

I highly recommend it to any new parents. If you have any questions at all I am happy to answer them – leave me a comment below

Where to Buy the Cubo Ai Baby Monitor

To purchase your very own beautiful Cubo Ai monitor at just £179 which is a £100 saving, click the link below and use my code CUBOTHISTLE at checkout





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