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In this post I will be outlining a very accessible yet pretty epic transformation

I gave my kitchen a makeover for under £50! 

I’ve only used a few products and materials here as always I try to ensure that my DIY videos can be accessible to everyone no matter how advanced or not they may be in terms of DIY. 

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– Foam Roller 

– Blackjack – Frenchic Al Fresco Chalk Paint

– Ronseal One Coat – Tile Paint

– Gold handles

– Heat gun (not 100% necessary you can use a hairdryer)

– Combi Drill (again not a must you can use screwdriver but let’s be honest a combi drill is 10x quicker) 

For this makeover I simply used a heat gun, some chalk paint in the colour Blackjack from Frenchic, Ronseal one coat tile paint in white gloss, a roller and some handles I purchased from Amazon. All linked above.

As always when it comes to things like paint colour and new handles this is completely your decision and design preference which allows you to adapt this transformation to your own design to create a design which you absolutely love.

I’ve of course sped up this process (you know I love a good timelapse) but I would say it could be easily achieved within a good days work, saying that if you are a beginner don’t be disheartened if you don’t achieve the finished look in the time-frame you originally imagined it’s all about trial and error with these projects. 

Step one for this makeover looks complicated but I promise it’s pretty straightforward. 

So i’m starting with the heat gun which i’m using to melt of the existing laminate which is outdated and needs some attention. 

If you don’t have the heat gun; perhaps try borrow one until you get your own. Or use a hairdryer – I started using our hairdryer, I say ours really its more Ian’s and because it’s GHD he had a little freak out so I had to go borrow my parents heat gun instead!)

Once it starts to peel off this is when it can be satisfying; peel off all the laminate that starts to come off around the sides.

The easiest way to peel the laminate is to start round the edges until they start to come away and then heat the rest of the surface. You’ll see a bit of a bubble as the glue starts to release. Then you should be able to pull it off in one big piece – its handy to have a putty knife to just get behind the laminate and free it a little more if needed. 

This is much easier than trying to get it off in little pieces which is what happened on the first door! 

Repeat this melting process on all the cupboards that you are planning to paint later on.

If the laminate is not in bad condition then be even easier for you as you may only need to give them a scuff sand with a 120 grit paper and apply paint. You want to be sure that the doors are MDF underneath rather than chip board. The laminate had already started to peel so I could see which is why I chose to remove it completely.  

It’s up to you whether you decide to take the doors off the hinges to paint, personally I didn’t have the time or space as I was too impatient and decided to start this project 2 days before Christmas.

Next I painted the cupboards in the shade Blackjack from @Frenchic, because I upcycle furniture I have tonned of paint but I only used half a tin for this project so a small  £9.95 tin would have been sufficient which gave me 2 coats.
I used a brush to get into the edges of the shaker doors and then used a foam roller to paint each of the doors as it left the smoothest finish.   

After the first coat I left everything to fully dry and then started painting the tiles, for this I used @Ronseal one coat tile paint in white gloss at £19.95 a tin.

I used just took a small paintbrush and lightly started to apply each layer until I was happy with the colour. In hindsight I wish I had used a roller for this too as I had some brush lines that I feel could have been avoided.

This can be a lengthy process depending on the colour of your original tiles. Whilst it is called ‘one coat’ it was definitely not ONE coat… it was more like 3!

Finally, the exciting part that seems to pull everything together. Adding the new handles which I purchased on Amazon for £20 (I will say they seem to have gone up but about £1.50 since I did this 1.5 years ago) but there was a wide variety to choose from. I choose to measure the existing drill holes and order handles to fit I didn’t need to fill or re-drill any new holes. 

 Once the paint has dried I then screwed the handles on, I used a combi drill to speed things up but you could honestly just use a normal screwdriver. 
The fun thing about DIY is you can just start with what you have and make it something amazing and I’d love to see what you all come up with.
DIY is such a good hobby to start for anyone in any situation, it’s so accessible and easy to start up on your own or with a partner or your family. I’ve linked to my top 10 tools for beginners – I have built up my collection one project at a time because I know each tool is an investment. 
You have to trust the process and keep going, don’t judge the project halfway through the design process. You may have that ‘oh god, what have I done moment… that happens to me often but in the end it does always look how I wanted it to in my head.’
Keep going and evaluate the result when you reach the end of your project, and if you think something needs more work use your own creative flare and initiative.
Use my reel videos as a starting point and let your creative side overtake and enjoy the finished result. Once you have started your first project, you will be motivated and excited to keep going on the next thing. It gives you a sense of self-achievement and reward when completing something and being able to design your interior/exterior exactly how you envisioned it. So, there you are it’s over to you now… get your old supplies out of the garage and get busy. Do it solo or with the family. Enjoy it and make it your own!
Step by Step:
Step 1 – Grab your supplies and think of an ideal theme/ design you want to go for.
Step 2 – Start using the heat gun to peel old laminate off.
Step 3 – Paint the doors. 
Step 4 – Paint the tiles ensuring enough coats are applied.
Step 5 – Add the handles to the cupboard doors.
Step 6 – Add any last minute decorations and enjoy!
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