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I wanted to make over something for my little girls room – the dresser she currently had was very big in a not very big room it was boring and bland and so when I spotted this cute little wooden drawer, veneer body dresser I know I could do a sweet gold leaf dresser makeover for her. 

Below is a list of tools and materials and a step by step on how to achieve this look yourself. 


– Sugar Soap

– Sandpaper

– Stone Rosie – Frenchic 

– Dusky Blush – Frenchic 

– Gold handles

– Gold Legs

Gold Leaf

– Jigsaw 

– PVA glue

– Several paint brushes 

– Polyarcylic sealer

I saw this dresser at a local charity shop and instantly loved how sweet it looked – I know it would be perfect for Millie’s room as I am slowly transforming that into a proper little toddlers room now she is nearly 2.5. 

I started by pulling off the excess trim and cutting down the overhanging legs using my jigsaw (I did start using my mini circular saw but the battery died, the point is either tool will do heck you can even use a handsaw if you want!) to make it more of a box shape. 

Then I cleaned the dresser with sugar soap to get rid of any grease and grim and sanded the entire dresser down with a 120 grit sandpaper to give the paint a litlte extra staying power. 

I went in with Stone Rosie which is a beautiful putty colour with a hint of warmth as my base for this dresser, I actually noticed a lot of larger holes one I had painted the first layer so I filled them with filler and then sanded the filler back before appling my second coat. I then attachd these gorgeous modern legs to give it some extra height and glam. 

And then I painted a organic pattern onto the dresser using DUSKY BLUSH from Frenchic this matches the colour on Millies bedroom walls really well which is a colour match of Farrow & Ball’s sulking room pink. 

One the paint had dried I used some watered down PVA glue to brush random strokes along the line where the two colours met and laid down my gold leaf. 

I let the PVA dry fully before dry brushing the excess off. I went back with a little more PVA and gold leaf to do a second run if there were any patches that I felt needed a little more filling.

Then seal with a good polyacrylic sealer to make sure it stays put and add some gorgeous handles and boom you’re done 

Step by Step:
Step 1 – Cut the dresser down using a Jigsaw to the desired shape
Step 2 – Clean with Sugar soap & Sand with 120 grit
Step 3 – Paint with Stone Rosie  
Step 4 – Apply new legs – 
Step 5 – Draw on an organic shape and paint in Dusky Blush 
Step 6 – Use watered down PVA glue and lay on gold leaf – 
Step 7 – Wait for it to dry fully before dry brushing off the excess
Step 8 – Seal with a good polyacrylic sealer –
Step 9 – Add some gorgeous new handles – 

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