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Victoria Emes – Hashtag InstaReality

Hashtag InstaReality with Victoria Emes

Today we get to hear from Victoria Emes who is a self-confessed potty-mouthed sharing her unfiltered thoughts of being a Mama navigating the peaks and troughs of parenthood over on her account @VictoriaEmes!

Victoria started her Instagram account 3 years ago and now has over 140k followers. She has an extremely loyal following due to her absolute and sometimes brutal honestly on what motherhood is really like. Her creative and witty videos and parodies have replaced her previous interiors niche and have now been shared across the globe.

She has an ability to say/sing exactly what we are all thinking but maybe aren’t brave enough to speak out loud whilst making you snort wine out your nostrils and laugh out loud.

This blog series is intended to take you behind the scenes of some of our most loved Content Creators and ask them all the same 5 questions.

The aim is to lift the veil on what it is really like to be a Blogger, Content Creator or Influencer and shed some light on a rather mysterious industry, which if we are being honest tends to hold a bit of a bad reputation thanks to certain influencers treating it like a used car salesman flogging any old thing.

I am a huge believer in sharing the #InstaReality, whilst I love seeing and sharing pretty pictures on my feed, it does no one any good to pretend everything is perfect all the time.

I want this series to start sharing the good, the bad and the ugly in an attempt to educate and inspire.

Victoria Emes sharing her #InstaReality!!

Tell us a bit about your background and journey on Instagram so far?

I started my account three years ago while I was on maternity leave from my full time job as a Communications Manager at a secondary school. I found maternity leave to be incredibly lonely and at times fucking boring and I needed an escape that was easy to do at home whilst also providing me with a bit of a creative outlet. Initially, I posted pics of my home alongside funny little anecdotes about parenting but after about two years of only sharing interior photos, I totally changed direction. I fell pregnant with my second child and decided to film a gender reveal that involved me shooting a confetti cannon out my vagina (as you do haha). It went down a bloody storm and I enjoyed making it so much that I fobbed off interiors pics completely and instead focussed on creating funny videos and photos that reflected my experience of parenthood. It was the best thing I ever did. My account has grown slowly and steadily since that moment and I’ve been able to make enough of a living out of Instagram to leave my old job and pursue it full time.


Hashtag InstaReality with Victoria Emes

What is your favourite thing about being an Influencer/ Blogger/ Content Creator?

I see myself as a content creator and my favourite part about having this career is the freedom to just be myself. I am my own boss, I get to be incredibly creative, I love to make people laugh and I feel accepted. It is a dream come true, although not something that I ever thought I would end up doing. I just love the community on Instagram, it’s incredible to be among such supportive, kind and generous women (my followers) and I feel privileged that I get to be a part of it.

What has been your proudest moment?

One of my musical parodies went viral at the beginning of lockdown and ended up being shared globally. It was actually very overwhelming and felt almost out of control as it amassed millions of shares and views over a very short space of time. However, it led to it being seen by the British Film Institute and they asked whether it could be included in their archives documenting the nations experience of lockdown through film. I felt honoured and I accepted.

What has been the hardest part?

Hands down, the hardest part is dealing with trolls. It’s very difficult living with the idea that there are people out there who hate you and who want to see and sometimes actively try to initiate your downfall, but unfortunately, it’s something that comes with the territory. I’ve learnt to deal with it and have my own coping strategies now but it’s frustrating that there’s a lack of accountability. It’s bullying and 99% of the time, they get away with it.

What is one bit of advice or a tip you would give someone who wants to put themselves out there online, to grow a following or has been too afraid to start?

I never had any plan or strategy or agenda to make my account grow, it happened by accident. But I guess my only advice would be to be authentic and show the real you, not a perfect, polished version of yourself. People relate to the warts and all and I think my honesty about all the difficult and shit parts of parenting is one of the main reasons that my account has done so well.

So where can you get more potty-mouthed hilarity from Victoria Emes?

To find out more about Victoria Emes you can find her @victoriaemes, you can listen to her brand new podcast with @Knee_Deep_In_Life here and follow their Instagram page @NoHolesBarredPodcast

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