INFLUENCER INSIGHTS: Interview with Passive Income Queen – Lisa Johnson

INFLUENCER INSIGHTS: Interview with Passive Income Queen – Lisa Johnson
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Where She started

Lisa didn’t have the easiest time getting to where she is now, she has overcome poverty and bullying in her youth and when she finally did start making money in her business she came under attack again from others in the online industry as she seemingly came out of nowhere to be an over night success as a Wedding Planner making over £220k a year

Passive Income Transformation

However, earning that money came at a cost, having given up her 9-5 she was now working 6am-11pm at night, she even forgot to pick her kids up from school on their first week at a new school.

And that was the point where she realised there needed to be a change.

So she says she really went down this rabbit hole of learning everything to do with passive income and started to implement these little things into her life and into her business over a period of about eight months.

So in that first year, she was working probably 80 hours a week to make that 220,000. By the end of the second year, I was working about 30 hours a month and she was earning over a million. So it just changed everything for me. And that’s when I realized that actually, probably quite a lot of people have the wrong business model.

‘Like they’re doing something or maybe they don’t even have a business. Maybe they are, they have all this knowledge in their head of all these different things and they have no idea how to make money from them. And that’s such a shame because I think that women especially can have so much freedom and you know, a lot of money in a lifestyle they really want to.’

What is Passive Income

The whole thing about passive and semi-passive income streams is that you create something front, you create an asset, then you make money from it time and time again. So at the beginning, there is a lot of work that’s going to need to go into doing that, but it’s well worth it.

‘It’s like compound money. It can, it grows and grows and grows. So that first year with a million, I’m now just going into year four and I’m on 3 million a year and I’m not working any more than it was before. So it’s worth it because of all that work I did like in the first year, um, to change everything.’

There are other myths around, people always thinking that they have to be the biggest guru on the who on the internet to teach anything, and it really doesn’t have to be that way. Somebody that’s an expert is really just the definition is somebody that knows the most about a particular subject in an average room.

And, we all know something more than some other people in an average room and. It’s about leveraging that information that you have, if anyone’s ever said to you, can I pick your brains about XXX? That’s something that you can make passive income from.

It doesn’t have to be something really businessy. It could be like potty training kids or how to get around Disneyland with two under 2. That was the first passive income ebook Lisa ever actually bought.

Other Peoples Success

I asked Lisa what one outcome that a client has had, that was unexpected that she really felt proud of.

‘Yeah, one of the ones that, really sticks in my mind is, is Lauren, she wanted to have a membership, but she didn’t want it to be about business in any way.

So she started a membership on theater, like just for people that like the theater, because if one person likes something, there’s bound to be others that like it, and people want to be hanging around the same, you know, people as them. And so she started this membership and in one year she made 600,000 pounds from it.

There’s another one from last year, Caroline, who is amazing. Everybody used to say to me, you can only make the big money, you know, the big results, if you are selling a way to do business better.

Now, Carolyn doesn’t do that. She helps people with trauma and the lives that they’ve had before.

She’s now made a million. From it. So it really showed me that actually, it’s really true that you can make money, passive income wise on other subjects. It doesn’t have to only be about business and coaching and you know, the same old stuff. It can be so many different things, whatever you’re interested in really.’

Words of Wisdom

When I asked Lisa what were her top pieces of advice she said to stop caring about what other people think. Lisa says she used to really care about what other people thought when she posted stuff online, she used to worry that it would mean she would be a target for trolls.

I used to worry that people would question her saying ‘who does she think she is?’ Teaching people, this stuff, all these different things. And then somebody said to me once, like, The other peeps change his opinions on the internet.

Basically won’t pay for the lifestyle that you want. And that’s really true.

And once you realize that you put your family before you put these opinions of people, you don’t even know, it changes how you use social media and how you think about things.

Lisa says ‘The second one was in my first year in business, I didn’t really like the online industry very much. I thought there was a lot of. Scammy sort of stuff out there. You know, people like not really acting in integrity and, and telling people to buy things and, you know, sell their houses for it and all sorts of different things.

And so I was going to leave the industry and then somebody said to me, it was a really good mentor of mine. She said, The only way you change in industries from the inside out, not from the outside, if you want change in an industry, whether it’s online or not, you need to be right in the center of it doing really well to show that that change can be done.’

More from Lisa

Lisa shares all about passive income and business in general over at @LisaJohnsonStrategist on Instagram – go give her a follow and make sure you tag us if you enjoyed this episode

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    Love Lisa ❤️ A great concise conversation hitting the key areas of interest, lovely to hear personal details. Love your final wrap up question Abi, ordinarily that would get an answer you wouldn’t know, apart from when you’re talking to a bestie! 🤣 thank you a great listen.

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