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Top 10 DIY tools you need as a beginner

I now get questions daily about what tools you should buy first as you’re getting into ‘do it yourself’ projects!

So, I put this list together to help you! It is sooooo important to remember when buying tools that they essentially pay for themselves!

Sometimes it can seem like they are expensive but they are an investment and when you calculate how much you actually save by doing a project yourself (and that’s just the first project, you will use them over and over) it is totally worth it.

For example, Ian just bought me a mitre saw for Christmas and I mentioned I still needed another big tool, he told me to just get it. I was saying how expensive it was but he reminded me that we were saving potentially £1000s by me doing the project myself so spending £100 on a tool that made the project doable just made sense.

If you are starting out chances are the projects you are looking to do are hanging some pictures or wall art, or putting up a shelf, putting some furniture together. These are all the tools that will help you with those types of DIYs.

But they are also the tools you will use over and over again as you become more competent and confident.

Top 10 DIY tools for beginners

1. Screwdriver set – I have a magnetic tip set which means the screws don’t constantly fall on the floor it makes it so much easier (the screwdrivers with the ‘crosses’ on the end are called Phillips and the flat ones are literally called flat heads’)
2. Tape Measurer – there is literally no job I don’t use a tape measure for!! It is a must!
3. Hammer
4. Level  – I have one this size but also a really mini one that I got out of a cracker. Probably the best Christmas cracker pressie ever!
5. Stud Finder – for finding the timber behind your wall so you can drill and attach things to the wall
6. Putty Knife – soooo many uses, stripping wallpaper, filling holes
7. Caulk Gun – Can’t caulk without a caulk gun soooo…

And for the beginner power tools:

8. Combi Drill/Screw driver – This is going to make your life so much easier from pre-drilling holes to hang a picture to screwing in the screws. Most DIY’s need this!!
9. Sander – If you are planning any wood work you are probably going to want to sand it down and this will make it quick and easy.
10. Jigsaw – before graduating to a full-on mitre saw this little jigsaw (a hand me down from my grandad) did me very well on all my DIY jobs.

I hope this helps! Obviously this is just my opinion on the best tools based on what I have and use on a near daily basis!

Let me know what you think and what tool you are going to invest in first 🙂

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